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King and Lionheart by FrankandJoe3
King and Lionheart
I have a weird fascination with Arthur in the circle crown. I saw a gifset of Merlin and Arthur on Tumblr, and Arthur had on the circle crown (sorry that I can't think of a different word for it), so I decided to give my tablet some use. 

So. Have a bad attempt at Merlin and Arthur. 
The Little Sisters by FrankandJoe3
The Little Sisters
Jack never broke through the mind control, and he never stopped Fontaine and Ryan. The Big Daddies were mass produced, and eventually, they repaired Rapture. Another hero surfaced, after time, and eventually Rapture became a good place to live again. The Splicers were given therapy and helped back to sane consciousness, and the Little Sister Program slowed down enough that little girls had a chance in the great city without having to worry about getting taken. The world above eventually caught word of this undersea paradise, and eventually, other countries made their own Raptures. The countries stayed in contact, advice and ideas were bought and sold, and then the Little Sister Program took on all ethnicity types, and the Big Daddies loved them all. 

Also I kicked Fontaine and Stanley Poole in the balls. 

I recently bought both Bioshock 1 & 2 and played them within days of each other. If it isn't evident, I quickly fell in love with the Little Sisters. The idea of these... children, the scariest things on this planet, reduced to the most innocent nature and being so very... terrifying, I suppose, it appealed to me. I got the good ending in the first game and I sobbed for a good few minutes. When I found out Bioshock 2 is all about you BEING A BIG DADDY AND YOU GET YOUR OWN LITTLE SISTERS TO PROTECT, good lord, I was having a field day. I wasn't a fan of the Big Sisters, but the Little Sisters talked to me and I felt so important for a few hours. 

Little Sisters coming from other countries is just so... well, it's fun, to say the least. I had a lot of fun doing this one. There may be more sketches and drawings of this sort in the near future. 

Little Sisters, Big Daddy (C) Bioshock
Singing Symphonies of the Overdosed by FrankandJoe3
Singing Symphonies of the Overdosed
Castiel was revered for having too much heart. My Father bade my brother cast me down for it. 

Sometimes, a character will consume me, and when it spits me back up, I'm an unintelligible mess of emotions. The contender this round was Lucifer.

He was an arch angel with a wingspread that could have lit up the night sky, and he loved his brothers and his Father so whole-heartedly that he couldn't love the humans above them. When Michael cast him down, his wings must've burnt. His grace must've stripped. It must have been pure and bitter agony, and for centuries, he must've still hopeful that his Father would rescue him.

Can angels pray to one another? If so, how long until his Father couldn't hear his desperate, grief-stricken prayers? Is that why he deserted?

What misery his imprisonment must have been. 
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash by FrankandJoe3
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash

It was before Sam became Lucifer's prom dress. The Croatoan virus was a few months in, the world was fading off, and the Winchesters had managed to shack up a nice encampment with what remained of the hunters and some rescued fallen angels. Tensions were high, what with the Mark of Cain making Dean more and more angry by the day, and Sam constantly suggesting he surrender himself to try and set things right. 

Cas had fallen long ago, but his grace had officially burnt out, and he was past hollow. He felt useless now. They had to teach him how to use a gun properly, and he had to run everywhere, and heal slowly like the rest of them. It didn't really take effect until he broke his arm on a retrieval mission- they went for food, trying to scavenge what they could. A Croat cornered him and when he tried to topple an aisle down on it, he got crushed with it. It was a non-displaced fracture, so it healed with time, but the pain was excruciating. Dean rounded up all the medicine he could find from behind the counters before helping the angel back. 

In little time, Cas was addicted to the pills. His arm healed eventually, and when he joined them on their missions again, he started taking more and more pills from where they went. He was an addict, and Dean punched him hard enough to bruise when he found out. They couldn't afford that. They would run out of pills eventually, and Cas wouldn't be able to think straight hopped up all the time. They fought, and it became an every day occurrence for them. Cas would get high, they would wrestle, and they would just continually spiral down into tension and anger and frustrations. 

Maybe half a year into the camp, Castiel would wake up to notes on his dresser. They were never signed, but they were all awful, and he always assumed they were from Dean. They called him useless and worthless, and made him feel like absolute garbage. The fourth note he got led to his first overdose. 

Dean found him later, passed out on the floor of his cabin, and he gave him CPR until his eyes blurred with the first real emotions he had felt in a long time. He kept it up, maybe out of desperation, until he finally got a steady breath out of him. He held the fallen angel for a long time, keeping watch over him for a change. When he woke up, Dean yelled at him for it, and left him again. Cas thought it was a sick joke. 

Cas took up any drugs he could get his hands on, but it wasn't until he started smoking pot that Dean found out about the notes. The angel was high off his ass, smiling genuinely, and he hadn't torn up the note like he had done the others. When Dean came in to check on him, he read it, and waited until Cas had come down enough to talk about it. Dean revealed he hadn't written them. 

Cas found out in the winter. The message his brother had drawn in the ice on his window stayed. Lucifer. He told Dean, and they kept it a secret from Sam, so he wouldn't blame himself. Dean camped out in Cas' cabin for a few months, to keep watch. The last they heard from Lucifer was a note on the door- 

"Goodbye, brother. My love to Sam."

It was signed with the pitchfork. Shortly after finding out, Sam went to Chicago. It was the last they heard from him. 

Castiel, Lucifer (C) Supernatural
I'll Watch Over You by FrankandJoe3
I'll Watch Over You
Time existed in Purgatory, but the only time that ever showed was the endless nights. It was always dark, and it was always cold. Dean was homesick, and so painfully human, and so very, very afraid, meaning sleep wouldn't come even when he and Benny had found refuge safe enough to have it in. He split Purgatory in half looking for his angel, and when he found him, found that one piece of home he had really needed, Dean managed to get in an hour or two as long as Castiel was right there beside him. 

One day, I'll get good enough to do my Purgatory Destiel headcanons justice. I learned a new coloring technique-- er, remembered a friend using it, at least, and I think it's really helped me. I mean, not a lot, I still have a long way to go, but I'm making a little progress at least. 

Dean, Castiel (C) Supernatural


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